#TMC17 Day 1

So much to process and I’m not even sure where to begin. However, during the “speed dating” end of the day, someone mentioned that while they make notes during the sessions, they also make an action list — ideas to try, things to read, etc. After my first day of one of the best math conferences ever! (Because I think teachers might be the best at teaching other teachings…. )

Here’s my starting action list:

  1. After Grace Chen’s excellent talk, I’m finishing The Hate U Give. I started it on the plane here, and now I feel really pushed to finish it and then reflect on it.
  2. Read Weapons of Math Destruction.
  3. Use Talking Points about Talking during the first few days of class all my classes.
  4. Introduce Debate as a Talking Structure during the first few days of all my classes.
  5. Start a Shout-Outs wall in classroom and my teacher lounge. End every class at least once a week with a Shout-outs time.
  6. Start a discussion on Lagging Homework and One Week Window for student choice of taking a test.




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