#TMC17 #TMCEquity Day 2

I am grateful today for the many great items I have to take back and plan for as next month with the beginning of the school year. I think I’ll wait to talk about some of those though in favor of sharing about the important discussion that was had at lunch today and will continue: #TMCequity.  Grace A Chen yesterday gave a keynote Politics? of Math Teaching with a powerful message about how we should think about our roles in the classroom and thinking about systemic injustices, even those that might be engrained into algorithms to perpetuate these injustices, particularly those related to education. We were challenged to make our choices in the classroom conscious and communicable, to offer counter-narratives, such as by teaching the gray areas (such as algorithms that enforce a system) and explore alternatives: Our ways vs my way.

I can’t summarize the keynote with justice, so I am sharing the links below and encouraging you to watch, think, ponder.

Part 1

Part 2

Many at the conference were moved to think about what actions we could take to create our own microcosms and a lunch session was organized today to begin the conversation of thinking about history of stereotypes, microagressions, to “disrupt and confront the shadows of prejudice”.  #tmcequity was created to continue the conversation online. The conversation is open and I look forward to reading and hearing the stories of other educators.


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