More #TMC17 Thoughts

I’m a first-timer for Twitter Math Camp, and I’ve been pondering some of the ways this feels different as a conference. Granted, I have not been to very many educational conferences. or any other types of conferences.

My original idea after day 1, is that this feels a lot like an EdCamp but specific to math teachers.  I attended an EdCamp this past winter thought, and this still felt too different from that to make a strong comparison.  There is a blend of structured sessions and presentations and also flexible times of learning.

I also attended my first ed tech conference this past fall and it was somewhat similar to that in that I think most of the sessions I attended there were led by teachers, and the conference was organized by teachers and people who work directly with teachers on a daily basis.

Something still seemed different other than this conference having a math focus though.

Last night I think it occurred to me. Coming to TMC, I felt like I somewhat knew many of the others who were attending already where as at other conferences I only felt like I knew a fraction of others there. I had not very many of the people here at TMC before — I had met quite a few as fellows in November at Desmos — and even then I felt like I had gotten to know them before through online conversation channels. The same happened with TMC… I felt like I somewhat knew many of the people because I have read and sometimes responded to their tweets and blogs. These past few days, I have been able to meet some people who have shared ideas I greatly value, who have shared ideas that have challenged my perspectives, who have shared ideas that made me feel less “alone” and “crazy” because they shared ideas that were similar to ideas I had.

Thank you so much TMC for organizing this.

Thank you so much to Holy Innocent’s Episcopal School for donating part of your beautiful campus and for donating a delicious lunch!


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